In Livelink, it’s possible to search for a single attribute in multiple categories. You construct a simple Query with the Livelink Search XML API by adding func=search&where1=x to the end of your Livelink URL, where x is the word or words you are searching for. Multiple search parameters can be added to a Query and are connected with an ampersand (&).To search for a single attribute accross multiple categories make sure this attribute is available in the categories you want to be searched. So for example, if you want to search in two different categories, your simple Query should be as follows:



  • categoryID1 = ID of the first category
  • attributeID1 = ID of the attribute value in the first category
  • categoryID2 = ID of the second category
  • attributeID2 = ID of the attribute value in the second category
  • value = search parameter
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